Your Donation Makes a Difference

Friends of the Children’s Justice Center brings hope and healing to the lives of child victims in many different ways. Every gift is used to support with one or more of the following:

•  Coping with a crisis
  Enhancing relationships with their family or guardian
  Reducing family stress
  Meeting basic family needs
  Supporting social behavior
  Improving academic performance in school
  Taking care of mental and physical health
  Instilling self-esteem and confidence
  Creating stronger peer relations

Donations to the Friends of the Children’s Justice Center are used for things that are often overlooked or are taken for granted, but can make a world of difference in the lives of young children and teens who must face the after-effects of abuse.

This can include diapers for a newborn, school supplies, a bus pass to attend therapy sessions, after-school classes, clothing and personal grooming products for teens, boxing lessons, performing arts classes, self-esteem building classes, and a bed and bedding. All of these items or services help to foster healing and create a positive path toward healing and recovery for children.

Our donation numbers
AUW: 76010
CFC: 51526

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For more information about Friends or your role in helping child victims in our community, call (808) 445-1873 or email to join our mailing list!


Periodically after a forensic interview at CJC Oahu, if a child is unable to return home due to safety concerns, he or she may be placed directly into temporary foster care. Each child, including siblings being removed, is provided with various “basic need” items, including a light meal, new clothing, hygiene items, school supplies, bedding, backpack, etc. Thank you for helping us to meet the needs of these children during a most challenging time.

For more ways to get involved, please contact or (808) 445-1873.

Current Items Needed

Pre-packaged snacks | School supplies | Duffle Bags | Twin size blankets | Towels (bath or beach) | Teen girl stretchy pants (small, medium, large) | Teen girl t-shirts (small, medium, large) | Boys t-shirts and shorts (small, medium, large) | Gift cards to Costco, Walmart, and Ross for other supplies for child victims


A special Mahalo to our Hope and Healing Donors and Sponsors. With the community’s help, Friends will continue to put children on a healing journey.