Friends of the Children’s Justice Center of Oahu (Friends), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, was principally created in 2010 to provide financial support, volunteers, and other resources to help the Children’s Justice Center of Oahu meet the needs of child victims. Since its inception in 2010, Friends has provided resources that enable the Center to care for hundreds of child victims and their family members each year. With Friends’ help, the Center is able to provide snacks, meals, and comfort items while the child victim is at the Center. In addition, Friends provides essential items that fill foster care bags, which the Center gives to victims who must enter foster care. Through its Ho‘ola Na Mana‘o Program, Friends purchases goods and services that are crucial to helping victimized children heal even after their services at the Center end.

As the non-profit partner to the Children’s Justice Center of Oahu, Friends gives the Center what it needs to help children from the moment they arrive for a forensic interview. In addition to being a source of items and services for the children served by the Center, Friends provides equipment, furnishings, and supplies used by the Center to create and maintain a facility where children feel safe as they start their journey towards healing.


We support children on Oahu who are victims of sexual abuse, severe physical abuse, sex trafficking, or those who have witnessed a serious crime. We stand with the Children’s Justice Center of Oahu in helping these children heal.


Victor Corpuz
Board President
Kathy Muneno Thompson
Board Vice President
Christopher Yeh
Board Vice President
Anne Hogan Ezer
Board Secretary
Guy Nishihira
Board Treasurer
Wendy Hanakahi
Board Member
Richard Schuman
Board Member
Bethany Stetson
Board Member
Jasmine Mau-Mukai
Board Member
Susan Pang Gochros
Board Member


Jenna Tomas
Executive Director
Hannah Chin  
Program Manager
Margorie Nakamura  
Program Coordinator

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To learn more about Children’s Justice Center of Oahu, please visit here.